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Salamander Hotels

Jenny Greenlief

Director of Training
Salamander Hotels & Resorts
Jennifer Greenlief

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Jenny Greenlief and Family


Place of Birth
Fairfax, Virginia
Current City You Live In
Springfield, VA
How long have you worked here?
7 Years


What attracted you to this property or what was your first impression of this property?
I didn't know much about hospitality, but as soon as I drove onto the Virginia property I was hooked. I got to meet three different leaders all in my first interview which showed a close-knit environment
What makes you passionate about the hospitality industry?
For me, hospitality gives me the outlet to help others. Most of my 'guests' are our own service professionals so seeing them grow is a huge passion. Most people look for a company that allows them to develop within their role and within the company and I love that training directly correlates with that
What's been one of the most inspirational moments you've experienced in your career so far?

It just happened recently when I was able to see Mrs. Johnson and David Mars present the Spa staff at Salamander Resort & Spa with their 5-Star accolades. I know firsthand how hard they've all worked, some of them being there since the opening of the property, and it was so moving to watch how incredibly proud they all were

What's one thing most people don't know about you?
I am a national college rugby champion!
What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Snowboarding, Amusement Parks, Country Concerts, and any or all traveling.
In your opinion, where is the best spot to visit at the resort and why?
Sunrise Beach at Half Moon 15 minutes before sunrise
What travel destination is on your bucket list?
Bali or Maldives
Last book you read?
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Favorite Sports Team?
Washington Capitals
Favorite Food?
Favorite Music?
Country Music
Favorite TV Show or Movie?